Carder MF-1000 Black automatic diesel fuel nozzle 1 inch BSPP(F) with 24 mm spout (includes FREE multi-plane swivel)

Carder MF-1000 Black automatic diesel fuel nozzle 1 inch BSPP(F) with 24 mm spout (includes FREE multi-plane swivel)

FREE multi-plane swivel joint

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Brand: Carder
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 1.93 kg
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Condor Pumps
Carder MF-1000 Black 1 inch BSP(F) automatic diesel fuel nozzle
FREE multi-plane swivel joint
1 inch BSPP(F) inlet port
24 mm (15/16 inch) diameter diesel spout 
90 lpm max
Colour coded "Black" boot for diesel
Includes hold-open latches
Non UL listed
Micro touch valve for precise flow control
Pure Teflon stem packing eliminates leaks
Roto-Matic latch pin for smoother auto shut off
Smart guard snap on scuff guard
Automatic nozzle materials:
High strength aluminium body
Zinc body cap
Nylon hand guard
Viton seals
Viton poppet
Teflon packing
Small 12v and 230v fuel pumps
Large farm and consumer fuel pumps
FREE multi-plane swivel (code 12.3079):
GT type 1 inch BSP multi-plane swivel joint 
45 degree dual plane type swivel
1 inch BSPP(M) x 1 inch BSPP(F)
Full 360° rotation for full and free hose movement 
Refuel vehicles from virtually any direction
Swivel can be installed between the fuel nozzle and hose to reduce strain
Aluminium die cast construction
Double Viton oring seals for long service life
Laminar flow design for higher fuel flow
Swivel wetted components:
Aluminium, brass and Viton
Bare nozzle dimensions:
318 mm x 254 mm (L x H)
Petrol (gasoline)
About Carder
M. Carder Industries, Inc. was a modest operation in the beginning and traded under the name Mervs Nozzle Exchange in 1970. 
Mervin L. Carder Sr. started rebuilding old nozzles in the basement of his home in Kirkwood, MO. USA.
After a few years he moved the company to Valley Park MO USA.
The business soon out grew that location and relocated to Fenton MO USA.
Here the product line expanded to include new petrol (gasoline) and diesel nozzles. 
The parts machining operation also began at this time.
Mervin Jr. and Kim began working at the company in the early years of operation. 
Connie, Randy and Chris followed when the company moved to Fenton USA.
Len Poli also joined the company as the business manager while M. Carder Ind. was at the first Fenton USA location and was influential in product development and the growth of the company.
The company moved to the current 18,300 sq ft location in 1993 and added CNC mills and turning machines to produce swivels, breakaways and nozzle parts as well as machining the nozzle casting. 
The product line has continued to expand and now including breakaway couplings from 3/4 inch to 3 inch, swivels from 3/4 inch to 2 inch, two models of petrol (gasoline) nozzles, two models of diesel nozzles as well as models of high flow nozzles.
Made in the USA:
All parts and products are made in the USA.
The company has continually improved and refined products over the years to provide the best and most reliable equipment in the industry.
M. Carder Industries, Inc. began as a family operation and that continues today.
Today Carder is located here:
M.Carder Industries
1634 Manufacturers Drive
Fenton MO 63026